Our Mission is to Provide the Best in Health Care Education

The mission of DIADEM NURSING INSTITUTE AND ALLIED HEALTH is to provide educational training opportunities for individuals to learn and develop the necessary and compassionate skills that will allow them to become valued members of the healthcare profession.


As a registered nurse for many years, I know the personal satisfaction and sense of worth that comes from sharing my nursing skills with patients who need and appreciate the kind of medical care and personalized attention that nurses aides can provide. It has been my, and the faculty here at DIADEM NURSING INSTITUTE AND ALLIED HEALTH (DNIAH), desire to share our knowledge and expertise with students who share our passion and commitment to helping others.

As you undertake your studies at DNIAH, know that I, my staff, and every instructor here is willing and eager to help you with your educational pursuit and will provide all the resources at our disposal to contribute to the successful completion of your chosen academic program.

Our curriculum is challenging but comprehensive to ensure that the knowledge and skills you will need to enter the nursing profession are provided.

DNIAH is located in the heart of the city of Bethlehem, PA. This location and the surrounding areas provide a culturally diverse population and a professional work environment. 

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to DIADEM NURSING INSTITUTE AND ALLIED HEALTH (DNIAH). I congratulate you on your choice of schools and wish you success during your time with us.

Doris Ezomo, MPA, PhD, RN
President / CEO

Better Health Care Education is Our Mission


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